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Taking Salons To $1M+ Since 1991

Owning a salon and being a hairstylist are to very different jobs.

Salon Business Blueprint was created to share what has made Salon 124 Group one of the most successful salon groups in the U.S.A. SBB will help you to develop your Leadership Vision, Strengthen and share the Core Values of the your salon. You'll also get  financially fit by learning to read and understand the crucial financial statements that are the dashboard of your business. Then we'll put it all together b y helping you to set KPI's and create a pricing strategy for your business. This will help you to develop your team to their full potential behind the chair. 

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Learn the secret to attract and retain the right stylists for your dream salon!

Learn the exact systems we used to grow our team from only 4 hairstylists to over 120 in six locations. 

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Who's the Training For and What Will You Learn?

High level Leadership.

Learn from the leader that has grown from 4 hairstylists and a dream, to a 6 salon 10 million dollar business! 

Brian Perdue will walk you through the thinking and processes that he uses to lead his team of nearly 200 employees through all of their career stages. 

Learn how to Strengthen your team Culture.

Having a strong company culture can be the difference between being able to implement change and having a walk out.

  • Develop a common vision and direction for your team
  • Create a value message that guides and directs every decision that you make
  • Learn how to implement systems that happen automatically over time
  • Understand how to attract and choose the right people for your salon environment
  • Solidify your Brand Story, this sets you apart from "the salon down the street," what makes you different?
  • Create an environment that is on purpose
  • Bonus brand values activity


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Financial Fitness.

Easily learn how to read and understand your financial statements! Never feel off guard at payroll time or tax time again! Also, this will ensure you make better business decisions in the future. 

  • Deep dive your PNL, what is it and how you have been using it wrong
  • What's not on your PNL that you need to know about
  • What's a cash flow statement and how you can use it to project what you should and should not do 
  • What does a balance sheet tell you and when you need to use it
  • Bonus video, the real life "need to know's" when it comes to your businesses finances


Growth Mastery.

There are many things that hold salon owners from growing to their full potential. Much of the time it starts with what you are or are not focusing on. Once we know what we should be looking at - it's easy to implement the systems needed to make it happen! 

  • SWOT analysis. In this activity we look at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats. 
  • Key performance indicators for your business - how to measure and understand what your numbers are telling you
  • Pricing Strategies (this will blow your mind)
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Making the most of the appointment cycle Pt 1 and 2  
  • Helping your team earn more behind the chair


Turn your stylists into a high performing TEAM.

And Help Them to Earn The Income They Deserve! 

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The most thorough online business course in the salon industry, offered at the best price!

  • Go From Surviving to Thriving!
  • Learn from a diverse team that are winning the salon game everyday!
  • Get your Financial Future in line!
  • Develop a Culture of Growth and learn what Real Teamwork Looks Like!
  • Learn, Understand and Predict Profit.
  • Become the Leader that you've Always Wanted to Be!
  • Help your team reach their financial and career goals.
  • Let us walk beside you and help you and your team reach success!
  • One location or multiple!
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Finally get the strategies and support that you need!

We walk you through the exact systems and and teach you the philosophies that will take you from Surviving to Thriving!

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See what other salon owners have to say:


Mickey, owner Michael Anthony Salon 

The perfect program for salon owners and leaders. I learned how to properly look at my numbers and assess my strengths and weaknesses.  I was given great information on culture to elevate my business to the next level.  I feel empowered. 

Bellezza Salon, Jennie, Alexis and Terri

124Go SBB is a great program to help salon owners with every aspect of their business. Brian, John and Chris bring their specialties to this program. If you are truly interested in having a successful business, We would highly recommend it! 

Cabrina Bianca, & Daniella Benita @benitabianca 

Before this course, we were really lost and had no direction. We were growing rapidly but we needed to understand how to RUN A COMPANY, and not just work in our business. After taking SBB our team is now aligned and on the same vision, and empowered to move forward!

Lindsey, Luna Salon

My experience with 124Go coaching has been amazing!  I was struggling with how to make the right decisions for my business and how to grow. I didn’t want to do it through trial and error, and with them right there with me I don’t have to.  I’ve had experience with a coach before but nothing like this!  With 124Go you have a team to work with, each specializing in different areas. I absolutely love it. They are always available to me no matter when I need advice or help. Their strategies are proven and it has helped me grow my salon immensely.

Meghan, Eyeful Beauty 

2019 my business was thriving and I was seeking help to get to the next level.  I considered using John and Chris to help me at the time but I dragged my feet and before I knew it is was 2020.  After completing a four day intensive leadership training I decided to make a one year commitment with private coaching to help me have a thriving business again.  Within a few months we have restructured our pay and level system. I would recommend this duo to anyone wanting to grow their business, large or small these guys know what it takes to help you and your team grow. 

Master the Knowledge and Systems it takes to Grow and Profit.

Get financially fit, and use the systems we use to grow your salon team and profits!

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